Message from the Chairman

The Creativewriters Guild Malaysia (CGM) has improved the lives and careers of many writers in the creative industry, winning contracts in animation, television dramas, game shows, theaterical films, new media, newswriting, nonfiction, reality television, and videogames, and publishing their novels, poems and lyrics.

Creative writers are now receiving fair compensation and respect from the producers and the publishers in Industri Kreatif Negara . All writers can now join the the Creativewriters Guild Malaysia and convince your producers and publishers you deserve the same.As you all know it was the Creativewriters Guild Malaysia who proposed the idea of a Script Bank to the Government in January 2012.

The Script Bank has received 300 screenplays up to now. Creativewriters Guild Malaysia is now working together with Indra Media Sdn Bhd to supply programs to Radio Television Malaysia. Creativewriters Guild Malaysia is also discussing with various production houses to supply programs to other television stations.

To all writers who are not yet guild members it is time to get yourselves organised by joining the Creativewriters Guild Malaysia. Together we will fight for our rights including intellectual properties and royalties